Microfiber 3pk Cleaning Cloths – #MF03BOG

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Microfiber 3pk Cleaning Cloths – #MF03BOG

3 Pack – Pink, Orange and Green (Colours may vary)


Excellent for Use in: Cars, Vans, Homes, Offices, etc.

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Super Absorbent
  • Lint & Streak Free
  • Use Wet or Dry

The Microfiber Cloth is our most popular multi-purpose cloth that cleans and absorbs through capillary effect and friction and removes dust particles through static-electricity. Microfiber Cloth is known for its high quality, sturdy construction and its great cleaning ability. It works everywhere and will last you a lifetime!

Microfiber Cloths can be used wet or dry.
Dry: The static effect created when using the microfiber cloths dry enhances the ability to attract dirt and dust particles. As you lightly wipe the surface, the microfiber attracts and draws up even the smallest particles of dust, trapping them in the fibres until cloths are laundered.
Wet: The microfibers work together to give an excellent cleaning effect. Wet, wring and wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces. For spot removing, spray water on the surface being cleaned.


  • What is a Microfiber Cloth?
    • In cleaning products, microfiber can be 100% polyester, or a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon). It can be both a woven product or a non woven product, the latter most often used in limited use or disposable cloths.
  • Are all microfiber cloths lint free?
    • Due to their fine fibers which leave no lint or dust, microfiber towels are used by car detailers and enthusiasts in a similar manner to a chamois leather. Microfiber is used in many professional cleaning applications, for example in mops and cleaning cloths.
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