Angus Foam Top Pourer Set Mk5

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Angus Foam Top Pourer Set Mk5

Special Ordered ONLY.  Call for more information.
  1. # AP110380 – TPS50 Mk5
    • ANSI RF #150 inlet / outlet flange sizes*
      • Inlet 2″, Outlet 4″
  2. # AP130380 – TPS100 Mk5
    • ANSI RF #150 inlet / outlet flange sizes*
      • Inlet 4″, Outlet 8″


  • Top Pourer Sets are used to protect storage tanks with fixed roofs. They are installed on the outside of the tank, with the nozzle penetrating through the tank wall to deliver foam above the high fuel level.
  • Combine vapour sealing (to keep the tank contents from escaping) with foam generation via a uniquely engineered nozzle that pulls the finished foam back onto the internal tank wall in a butterfly pattern.
  •  Calibrated with the available pressure to match the specific flow demanded by the individual tank.
  • Two types available, each in 4 sizes with flow rates from 75lpm up to 3,300lpm at operating pressures between 3 bar and 10bar.
  • MK5 for tanks with internal pressure not exceeding 1.5psi.
  • MK4 for tanks having nitrogen or other inert gas blankets.
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