GE SCS2000 SilPruf Sealants

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GE SCS2000 SilPruf Sealants

Available In:

  • Black – 10.1 oz – # SCS2003 – 12C
  • Black – 20 oz – # SCS2003 – 1SP

GE SCS2000 SilPruf™ Sealant is a versatile sealant that cures to a durable seal – withstanding high joint movement and weather exposure for decades.

GE SCS2000 is air and water tight to help protect window perimeters, punched openings, flashings, and other critical junctions. Plus, it has the elasticity to handle high-force winds and severe impact.

Supplied as a paste, SCS2000 SilPruf sealant securely bonds to many substrates and finishes, including glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, wood, paints, coated and anodized aluminum, concrete, brick, wood, terracotta, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and EIFS. Some finishes may require a primer.

SCS2000 SilPruf sealant is backed by world-class technical support and our project-specific warranty program.

  • One-part system
  • Multiple colors including custom colors for structural applications
  • ±50% movement capacity
  • Candidate for hurricane impact and other Protective Glazing applications
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