InterClean Premium Quality Multifold Towels

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InterClean Premium Quality Multifold Towels

Item # ICM3600


Interclean Multifold White towels let you pamper your guests, tenants and customers with the ultimate in luxury. These multifold towels provide excellent hand drying with absorbency pockets that absorb lots of water fast, while two thick plies offer super absorbency with every hand dry.

Cost Effective and Efficient:

Choose Interclean multifold towels for your business. These multifold towels are designed for single-use, general purpose cleaning and drying and composed of soft, absorbent paper to reduce waste.

Fits into most multifold dispensers.


Item #:    ICMF3600
Size:    8.26″ (21cm) x 8.66” (22cm)
Type:    Multifold paper towel
Ply:    2
Embossing:    Yes
Color:    White
Towels per pack:    150
No. of packs:    24
Total Towels:    3,600

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