Nuto™ H Series – Hydraulic Oils

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NUTO H SERIES - 32-46-68

Nuto H Series – Hydraulic Oils

Available In:

  1. Mobil Nuto H 32 
    • 5 Gallon – #101571
    • 55 Gallon – #101570

  2. Mobil Nuto H 46
    1. 5 Gallon – #101574
    2. 55 Gallon – #101573

  3. Mobil Nuto H 68
    • 5 Gallon – #101577
    • 55 Gallon – #101576

Product Description:
Nuto™ H Series oils are good quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications, subjected to moderate operating conditions and requiring anti-wear lubricants.  Their effective oxidation resistance and chemical stability support good oil life in moderate to severe applications.

Features and benefits

  • Good anti-wear performance helps reduce pump wear and prolonging pump life
  • Corrosion protection helps reduce the effects of moisture on system components
  • Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water


  • Systems using gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps and those containing gears and bearings where mild anti-wear characteristics are required
  • Where hydraulic oil contamination or leakage is unavoidable
  • Where small amounts of water are unavoidable
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