RejeX Anti-Stain Protectant

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Am - RejeX Anti-Stain Protectant

RejeX Anti-Stain Protectant

Available in:

  • 12 oz  – #61001

Nothing Sticks but the Shine!

RejeX® is an advanced polymer treatment – not merely a wax or polish – that seals and protects cars, boats, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and aircraft against bird droppings, exhaust stains, bug splats, oil, grease, mineral and hard water deposits, and other dirt and grime.

Easy to Use

Just wipe it on, let it dry to a haze, wipe it off and allow it to cure for 8-12 hours.

No buffing required.

Eliminates the Need for Wax

RejeX leaves an unbeatably deep, long-lasting shine, and most grime easily comes off with a stream of water or a wet rag – significantly reducing cleaning time. Even the most stubborn grime needs

only a light touch with mild detergent.

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