Interchem Limited Features

Interchem Feature - 2:42

Interchem Feature W/Interviews - 3:24

Interchem Corporate Presentation - 7:15

Specialty Chemicals

Simple Green Clean Finish - 32 oz Retail

Simple Green Display - Clean Finish Disinfectant

Simple Green Crystal Industrial Cleaner Degreaser - 1 gallon

Simple Green - Food Processing

Simple Green Industrial Capabilities

Simple Green d Pro 5

Simple Green - Anti-Spatter

Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner - 16 oz

Simple Green Lime Scale Remover - Industrial

Drilling Platform - Crane - Crystal SG

Drilling Platform - Derrick - SG Rig Wash

Drilling Platform - Walkway - SG Rig Wash

Forklift - Forks - SG Rig Wash

Front Loader - Engine - Crystal SG

Vehicle Engine - Crystal SG

Specialty Chemicals

Corroseal Rust Converter


Welding & Industrial

Millermatic MIG Welders

TIG Welding Tips and Techniques

Flux-Cored Welding at Home

1️⃣ Plug it in.
2️⃣ Set parameters.
3️⃣ Weld.

Get started on your next maintenance, repair or DIY project with the easy-to-use Handler® 100 flux-cored welder.

Fire Protection, Environment & Safety

Angus Fire OM80 Oscillating Monitor Cooling Storage Tanks

Angus Fire Medium Expansion Bund Pourers

The Angus Rimseal Pourer

Automotive Detailing & Maintenance

Corrosion X

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